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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Jerusalem on my mind

"... There are places in Jerusalem with which I am familiar and know about, and yet when I happen upon them it seems to me that I have never seen them before. Yet, in contrast, there are places where I have never been, and when I come there it seems to me that I am familiar with and know them.

And because I have always wandered the streets of Jerusalem by day and by night, I never had the time to learn any craft. Worse than that, I was not occupied with the study of the Torah, and a Jew who does not study the Torah is admonished by his heart: What will you say on the Day of Judgment when they ask you "Did you study Torah?" And what will I say? I will say that I studied Jerusalem, and I am certain that they will say to me - "You have done well." And it seems to me that the words that I have prepared as an answer for the Day of Judgment were acceptable to my heart as well, and it no longer chides me.

Sometimes my heart even wandered about with me from place to place and rejoiced with me - until I left Jerusalem and went to a foreign land and spent there all the days of the Great War and some years after, not by my own volition, until the Almighty brought me back to my place, to Jerusalem.

And because my soul overflowed that the Almighty had brought me back to my place and I could walk about Jerusalem as in the days of old, I broke forth with praise of the Lord and of Jerusalem, the city that the Almighty had selected of all His creation. Even though He exiled Himself, as it were, from her, He did not take away her uniqueness."
S.Y. Agnon, Lifnim Min HaHomah

Thursday, February 15, 2007

A New BAN!!! (Just in time for Purim)

(Hattip: Jameel)

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Naveh's crimes

AddeRabbi posts a congratulatory post to R' Bina for coming to the defense of the Thug Yair Naveh.

I thought the Lev Yehudi's response to R' Bina was far more appropriate (hat tip: Ya'aqov Ben-Yehudah):

Lev Yehudi Poster

Regarding the four Crimes of Naveh

1. Expulsion

Yair Naveh, as general of the central command, was the commander over the expulsion of Jews and the destruction of Jewish towns in the Northern Shomron, a year and a half ago.

2. Pogrom

Exactly one year ago, Yair Naveh was the commander over all of the Yasam (riot police) and regular police forces which implemented the intentional pogrom in Amona.

3. Incitement

Yair Naveh incites additional expulsion and uprooting
the uprooting of hilltop [communities] in Judea and Samaria, in his own words, calling them "rebellious strongholds."

4. Silent Expulsion

Yair Naveh has signed over 20 restraining and keep-away orders against town and hilltop residents, expelling them from their homes and families, for many months, without any due process, nor any compensation.

Are the kippah on Naveh's head or his positive, past acts able to cover up his crimes?

"Be strong and courageous" to Ya'ir Naveh?!

In an ad supporting Naveh, Rabbi Bina praises "the man strong in spirit, your correctness in sacrificing up soul and body for the sake of the Land of Israel, Torath Yisrael, and the Jewish People, in every place at all times and in every hour."

Rabbi Binah: Where have you been the few years?

Rabbi Binah: Whose "soul and body" does Ya'ir Navah sacrifice?

"Justifying evil...is an abomination of HaShem"

Protest helps: Join the public protest against Ya'ir Naveh

Lev Yehudi