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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Then the Satan said

In light of the various "peace plans" circulating around the blogosphere. I wanted to bring a poem by Natan Alterman. I will not argue the Torah sources at this point since I feel there is very little chance of convincing anyone on this issue at this time. I just hope that this poem strikes a chord with people.

_ _ אז אמר השטן:הנצור הזה
איך אוכל לו.
איתו האומץ וכשרון המעשה
וכלי מלחמה ותושיה עצה לו.

ואמר:לא אטול את כוחו
ולא מורך אביא בתוכו
ולא ידיו ארפה כמיקדם,
רק זאת אעשה: אכהה מוחו
ושכח שאיתו הצדק.
_ _ _

כך דיבר השטן וכמו
חורו שמים מאימה
בראותם אותו בקומו
לבצע המזימה.

Then Satan said: "How will I overcome
this one who is under siege?
He possesses bravery, ingenuity,
weapons of war and resourcefulness."

And he said: "I'll not sap his strength,
Nor fill his heart with cowardice,
nor overwhelm him with discouragement
As in days gone by.
I will only do this:
I will cast a shadow of dullness over his mind
until he forgets that justice is with him."


This is what the Satan said and it was as if
the heavens trembled in fear
as they saw him rise
to execute his plan.