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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

What do you know?

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So another macho Israeli general (General Yoav Galant), faced with questions regarding the lack of efficacy of the army, tells us that we the people "don't know everything that the army is doing in Aza" and promises us that the army is not constrained in their actions by humanitarian considerations (that might put our own soldiers' lives at risk).

Now this is not new and the Israeli elite has long thought that the average Israeli is stupid (and maybe they are right considering that Olmert was elected PM), but what really struck me was the following "warning" to the Arabs: "An attack [by the Arabs] will be met with a counter-attack of seven-fold severity." Now, I have no idea why any Arab would take any warning by an Israeli government seriously anymore. After all, he has no credibility and among other things he says a verifiably false statement: "There will not be a situation where one side fires rockets and harms citizens and we do not do anything [in return]". Hello??? 5000 rockets on Gush Katif (I guess they didn't count as citizens). Dozens more on Sderot and the surrounding yeshuvim and what has the army done??? NOTHING!

But the real cherry on top of the ice cream sundae is the following. After the general finished speaking, a kassam rocket landed at the very place where the news-conference was being given.

So General Galant, I expect you to fire 7 rockets into Aza (and 5000*7 = 35,000 more rocket after that) - I think that will take care of several of our problems.

[Well at least some bloggers now realize the error of their past ways. See the first comment on this thread on Jameel's site. Now all I need is for Nephtuli to wake up and smell the kassam rockets...]