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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Rockets on Ashkelon

How many predictions of the "extreme right wing" have to come true before the imps on the left start admitting they were wrong?

Do we really have to go through another expulsion in order for the rockets on Tel Aviv prediction to become true?

(The reason those on the left can never come to terms with the reality on the ground is that their western outlook on life makes it impossible to conceive of the reality that an entire nation of people are out to destroy the Jews. That is why they do mental gymnastics to explain how the Hamas victory was not because the Arabs believe that they will be most effective in moving Israel closer to destruction. That is also why they have no problem expelling their own brothers and sisters from their homes while at the same time opposing on the most (least) profound moral grounds all "kach-nic" ideas to expel the enemy instead)