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Sunday, January 29, 2006

More Arab moderation

After all of the self-deluding nonsense I have read on the blogosphere and the mainstream Israeli and international media regarding the Hamas victory. Finally, one of the Hamas leaders clarifies what led to the victory here.

Here are the highlights of what he said:

"These results which the Hamas movement has achieved are a victory of its strategy, which is founded upon [the idea that] resistance [that is blowing up women and children -ed] is a strategic option of this movement - especially after our Palestinian nation, with all of its forces, managed to realize that which negotiations were not capable of - the expulsion of the Zionist occupation from the Gaza strip."

"My brothers, the brothers from the PLO and the PA say that negotiations are the way to end the occupation - but we say that the Jews are not at all convinced through negotiations. Did Sharon, Rabin, or Barak become convinced through negotiations with the Palestinian nation and with the PA? What results did we achieve after negotiation? ... But our Palestinian nation, when it rose up and resisted, achieved results."

Ziad abu Ain of the Fattah said in the same broadcast:
"If Hamas has a plan of resistance [that is blowing up women and children -ed], the Fattah are ready like soldiers for this plan. And if the Hamas has a different plan - they are also ready."

Don't you just smell the moderation in the air?