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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Israeli Gestapo

Over 200 injured in the Pogrom the Israeli authorities perpetrated today. 2 members of parliament have broken bones and a teenager was shot in the face with a rubber bullet. Teenage girls were beaten unconscious and horses and metal clubs were used without mercy. One girl recounts:

"We were outside the 5th house, with the goal of forming a line to stop the police from climbing into the windows. We had planned in advance, because of modesty and the like, that when the police would tell us to go, we would go right away. But they didn't let us. They just set upon us - all of them: Yasamnikim, Border Guard, soldiers, everyone - and didn't give us a chance. I screamed, 'I'm going by myself!' but they didn't care; I heard them saying, 'Smack them! Get them!' They hit me with a club on my leg, and then they pushed me to the ground and smashed me with clubs twice more - once on my face, right near my eye. Miraculously, he didn't hit me on the skull; I saw others right near me bleeding from their heads, unconscious - it was just terrible... It was just by miracle that nothing worse happened to me."

These policemen are evil! They should be punished. I do not believe that the secular Jews have perpetuated such crimes since the Altalena. May we see justice quickly in our days. One protester gave the following analysis about the future which I believe is correct:
"The only reason why all this violence is happening is because Olmert wanted blood - and so he received it. But the truth is, it doesn't matter; we have patience. Because I'm sitting here nursing my three-week-old baby, next to my other children here in the park in Ofrah, and we'll have other children with G-d's help - not like Olmert, whose daughter has left the country - and soon in 20 or 30 years, we will be in charge - and then we will have a country based on fear of G-d, and pleasantness, and mutual respect."