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Friday, February 03, 2006

Which is the violent side? Part III

From Akiva:

Moshe's son is from America. A family who's returning, and has returned farther than many born into it, he's learning in yeshiva in Israel. He called his father, "The land is in trouble, can I stand for Israel?" His father answered from New York, "If I was there, we'd go together." The yeshiva called to verify, permission given? Yes.

He made it with classmates to Amona, together they entered the last of the 9 Jewish homes to be destroyed. They blocked the door and sat, laying their bodies on the line for Eretz HaKodesh, the Holy Land.

The black clad policemen came, shouting voices and faces twisted in anger and hatred. They did not come to remove those defending the land, they came to break them. They smashed through the door and broke through the windows. They waded in to the seated defenders, boys of 14 through 18, billy clubs swinging. "Achim! (Brothers!)", the boys called, "stand fast!" as boy after boy was smashed on the head, blood splattering everywhere.

After so many heads that his hand was drenched in sweat, the club slipped away from the officer before Moshe's son was hit. Moshe's son saw and dove for it, fearing not the risk of being shot to prevent another boy being struck. The policeman saw him and dove as well, coming up with the club first. Standing two feet away, Moshe's son stood fast, ready to be struck. Staring in to, in his own words, "a look of hatred such as I have never seen", the officer grabbed him and threw him out the window!

Amazingly, in a miracle, he landed stunned but unhurt. He came away whole, but more than just whole. "Achim! Brothers!" he repeats, "now, now we are brothers!" He has risked his life for the Holy Land, and stood with his people. He's no longer the boy he was yesterday.

Also B"H, the prognosis for Yechiam ben Rachel is now good. Here is a picture of what the police did to him: