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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Election results

Kadima won, the right lost.

I, for one, am not surprised.

While the left had a consistent message of surrender and capitulation to our enemies, the right had nothing:

NRP - NU: No ideology at all. Their only platform was to try stop Kadima. Boy, that will inspire everyone!
Shas: Give us money - we will join. We care about those parts of the Torah that didn't apply in chu"l - but not enough to give up on the money.
UTJ: Give us money - we will join. We really don't care about those parts of the Torah that didn't apply in the shtetl.
Lieberman: Give me power - I will join. I really don't have much of a plan for the future, though.
Likud: Vote for us, we will surrender in a slower fashion than Kadima

So is anyone surprised? The Torah gives us the solutions to our problems, we just don't have any real leadership that will present those solutions to the public.

So, in the end, on Whom do we rely? Only on our Father in Heaven. May he restore our leaders as in the days of old.


Here are what seem to be the final results:

Kadima 28
Avoda 20
Lieberman 12
Shas 13
Likud 11
NRP - NU 9
Gimlaim 7
Meretz 4
Arabs 10

This means that if Kadima, Avoda, and the Gimlaim go together, they will have only 55 votes. If they bring meretz in, that will bring them to 59. They will probably not want meretz, so they will probably buy Lieberman to create a coalition of 67. In the unlikely case where Lieberman shows some backbone, they will be in a pickle, they can then only create a coalition with Likud, UTJ, Shas or the Arabs. Likud will probably not join and they will anyways not sit together with Labor. that leaves UTJ, Shas, and the Arabs. I wish I could say that I trust the chareidim to do what is right instead of taking money for their institutions - but I don't. So, it looks like we are on the road towards expultion 2006. It will be like the last one only worse. Hashem Yerachem.