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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Megila Meme

I have been tagged by DovBear for my first Meme. Here Goes:

Things I think about during megila reading

* Man, I wish I knew how to lain - Last time I lained anything was my bar-mitzvah. Since I became religious in my early twenties, I missed out of most of the natural training frum people might get in this area. Also, I am generally tone-deaf and can not carry a tune for the life of me.

* I wonder if feminists have turned Vashti into some sort of hero - Every time I hear this part of the story, I think to myself that Vashti seems to represent the ideal feminist in many respects. I wonder if turned her into a symbol yet. Hey, if Israelis can turn the name Nimrod into something that is actually used, then anything is possible.

* Why do we have to make so much noise with EVERY mention of Haman - Every year I remind myself to make sure I go to a Chabbad reading the next year (Chabbad only makes noise during those mentions of Haman's name where the name is modified (eg. Haman HaAgagi). I appreciate the custom and all but it tends to drag out too long.

* What does DovBear think of how the Jews gave it good to their neighbors? - I actually think that war is always a tragedy at some level, at the same time, it is also an opportunity to clarify moral positions. Is this a contradiction? I don't think so. The achronim discuss why we do not make a bracha over an obligatory war. Some answer that the reason is that it is not a "happy" mitzvah. In other words, the halacha has a place for things that are obligatory but at the same time not joyous. I actually understand the aversion that leftists have for war, I just sometimes wish that they would have a similar understanding for my side and why I feel it is sometimes the only moral choice.

I tag S, Jameel, and Rael