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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Connecting Heaven and Earth III

Rav Kook writes:

'תלחש לי סוד ההויה כולה: חיים לי יש קח נא קח, ודור יקום וחי ישיר ליופי וחיים, ועדנה בלי די יינק מטל שמים'.

'All of existence whispers to me a secret: Life I have, take, please take. A generation shall rise and all living will sing for beauty and life; unlimited delights will be received from the dew of the Heavens'

I am taken with the term "dew of the Heavens." Unlike rain, we consider dew to symbolically come from the Earth (I know that is not scientifically true, but it is how our senses perceive it). A time will come when all will realize that everythong that comes from the physical world really has its roots in the Heavenly spheres. This realization will be an integral part of our spiritual redemption and is truly the only path to a complete spiritual life.