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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Gosse debate

After GH started calling people who believe in Gosse's theory names in a series of obnoxious posts (the first one is here), I was going to write a defense of Gosse but R' Gil beat me to it.

There is a great debate going on in GH about this. I think Gil summarized it best:

To sum up, GH's problems with the Gosse theory are as follows:
  • That is not how we understand God as acting.
  • It has no basis in our mesorah.
  • It raises serious issues with regard to rational discourse since it resorts to arbitrary 'trump' reasons.
To which I respond:
  • As on my original post, I don't think that anyone can make a solid argument on this.
  • As above, neither is your explanation nor any other that reconciles Torah with science. So what?
  • That it doesn't fit into your preconceived notions doesn't mean that it is wrong. It's kind of like you're screaming "No fair!" Too bad. This isn't dodgeball (as an aside, who can name the five D's of dodgeball?) and we aren't kids.