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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Should I appologize?

Several people have contacted me and said that my post about MO blogs was offensive. I can honestly say I did not intend it to be an attack on Modern Orthodoxy (I know too many wonderful people who consider themselves MO to make such generalizations about a whole community) or for that matter on any particular individual. I was just questioning some aspects of these blogs that caught my attention and whose cause I wanted to understand better.

I think the main points of my post are factually true. Many of these blogs express very strong opinions while supplying very few sources. I think it would also be hard to deny that there is an anti-UO and anti-Kiruv tendency that exists on many of these blogs.

My question is. Should I apologize for writing something that I feel is factually true (and I feel that I wrote it for toeles) when my post obviously offended several people?