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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The value of peace

Rav Kook shared with us in his letters his soul's response to machloket. I found it inspiring and I hope you do also:

"Thank G-d, I myself do not enjoy very much when people praise me, nor do I get upset or very angry when they degrade me. Praise to His blessed name, my constant involvement in the study of mussar and the esoteric teachings of our holy Torah has generated this trait within me... My only salvation and desire is to bring joy to people and to fulfill [the following verse] to the best of my ability: 'Those who fear You [G-d] shall see me and rejoice (Tehillim 119:74)" (Iggrot I, p. 42)

"Behold, I am a man of peace, and I pursue peace even in places where most people would not think it could be found. But that is my characteristic, especially since I come from the seed of Aharon, to whom the covenant of peace is entrusted." (Iggrot I, p. 168)

Translation from An Angel Among Men (p. 167)